What do you get for the monthly charge?

1. Hosting of your website.

2. Access to use our customized Content Management System (CMS). This allows you to change/update your specials or site content whenever you wish which will save you a lot of waiting-time and money that you would have to continuously pay a third party web designer.

3. Access to the Fast Lube Marketing “Members Only” area where we will be teaching you how to best use your website, teaching you about internet marketing, and sharing many marketing tips you can take advantage of to increase your revenue. We will continuously be building on this library of training, and it will be a very valuable resource for you. At Fast Lube Marketing we love training, and are passionate about teaching small business owners about internet marketing success to increase their revenue.

What do I own (or not own)?

You own 100% rights to your own photos, logo, or anything else that you send to us. You will also own your domain name, and all web copy that you write yourself. After purchase, you will also own one instance of your website. You do not own the photography that we enable you to use on your website, we have licenses to those images and allow you to use those licenses. That means that the images cannot be used in other marketing materials unless you purchase the rights to those images. You do not own the CMS, the content management system that we are utilizing, which allows you to update your content. If you choose to move your website in the future you will no longer be able to easily update your own website.

Should I become unhappy with some part of this arrangement, how do I stop the charges?

We view this as a partnership to help you succeed, and have no intentions of holding you hostage. The contract is month to month, and you can send us an email to cancel at any time. You are free to take your website elsewhere if you are not happy with our service. Just contact us, and we will stop charging you for the monthly fee. In this case, you would need to get a new hosting company, and another system if you wanted to make updates and changes yourself, or a hire another company to do this for you.

How often can I change my menu or specials?

You can change your menu or your specials as often as you would like to change them. Once your site is up you will be given a special log-in link and a username and password, so that you can change any of your text on your website, including your specials!

How many specials can I have?

You can have as many specials as you want, and you can set expiration dates on all of them.

What if I do not want to learn how to update my website, and I have no interest in the Members Only area, can I still use your service, and can my monthly fee be lower?

Yes, this is possible. However, we do not recommend this option. Using our self-managed content management system is very easy, and we highly recommend taking full advantage of our Members Only area to learn how to market yourself online. If you need guides that will help you teach your staff to use the system, we would be glad to share those with you. In the event that you do not want to update specials or any other website information regularly you can Contact Us, and ask for a special link for the hosting only purchase. With this link you can pay the Setup Fee and the reoccurring monthly fee drops to $10/mo. After site completion, in the event you need future changes or modifications we can help you make those at $50/hour.

What if I want changes to my current website, or if I want additional pages, custom additions, logo design(s), or personal business marketing consulting?

Yes, we can help!

Our website packages are created to make this process easy for you, and so that we can make the prices as low as possible yet keep the quality as high as possible. If you would like additional help in website customization or marketing consulting from us, we will provide that to you at $75-$100 an hour. (This rate is discounted for all AOCA members to $50/hour)

What if I have multiple locations, do I need multiple websites?

If all of your businesses are in the same city then one website will be fine. If you have multiple business locations that are in different cities we would highly recommend you to have multiple websites. Due to a rather technical explanation, please Contact Us for more information. There are price breaks in both setup and monthly fees for multiple website purchases.